Steven & Marc Talk Election 2016, 2/21/16

Steven Spierer and Marc Germain discus the Nevada Caucus and the 2016 Election., 12/1/12


With CEO Tom Campbell and Marc Germain

Looney & Losito, 3/2/12

Tom, Dina and even Marc joined in for some Friday TRO love.

Dykes on Mics LIVE from the Pink Carpet, 2/26/12

Virtually none of our banter has anything to do with the live broadcast, so have no fear. Dina Losito, Bridget Polk, Danny Otten (substi-dyke) & Nick Contrino representing the straights and Kitty Martini hit it hard. We promised to go there, and we did – plus a report on Jiffy Pop.

[Marc Germain] Tomm Looney & Dina Losito 2/17/12

Marc, Dina and Tomm were sailing along nicely until Marc’s internet superhighway hit some rocks and sank like the Costa Concordia. And like Francesco Schettino, Marc abandoned ship. That podcast is below.

So Tomm Looney from Fox Sports Radio and Dina Losito of TRO hijacked the airways – took lemons and made chocolate ice cream. […]

Dina Losito’s Dykes On Mics – Live From The Pink Carpet, 1/15/12

Dina Losito, Bridget Polk and Kitty Martini plus the return of Danny from Hoboken! We hit it and quit – 3 hours worth. Mostly BS and a little bit about the Red Carpet.