Marc Germain, 3/29/18

The one with the defence of Woody Allen. With Justin Levine and Jon DeWoll

Marc Germain, 3/27/18

The one with glass in my mouth. With April Winchell and Jon DeWoll

CineMAXers, 3/20/18

Reviews including….. the reimagining of TOMB RAIDER, ONCE SIMON, ANNIHILATION and a look at the films of director, Penny Marshall. Email us at

Marc Germain, 3/20/18

The one with the great staircase. With April Winchell.

CineMAXers, 3/13/18

Reviews including.. Bruce Willis in DEATH WISH, A WRINKLE IN TIME, ANNIHILATION and more. eMail us:

Marc Germain, 3/13/18

The one with the dreadlock stank. With April Winchell and Jon DeWoll

Steven Spierer, 3/10/18

Alone with his microphone today, Steve reminisces about his Dad, a doctor that made house calls. Next, Steve looks at whose fault it is that people now tend be optimistic about their own lives but think the world is falling apart. Then, as a real estate lawyer and investor, Steve talks about the […]

Marc Germain, 3/8/18

The one with too many golfers. With comic/actor Regan Burns and Jon DeWoll

CineMAXers, 3/6/18 EST

Reviews including, Bruce Willis in DEATH WISH, the new film from Alex Garland, ANNIHILATION, a special screening of Jim Henson’s, THE DARK CRYSTAL and a recap of this Sunday’s ACADEMY AWARDS.

Marc Germain, 3/6/18

The one with the fast food with April Winchell and Jon DeWoll