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Welcome to the Help Page of the Talk Radio One Website.

This page is for information on the current status and updates of the website.

For help with the TalkRadioOne Website please review the F.A.Q. page before reporting issues here.
Changed (updated 06/08/2017)

  • Changed the website theme.
  • Added Pages for Shows, and Cast & Characters of Talk Radio One.
  • Removed the Frame with the Stream. Moved Stream to footer of website.
  • Removed Mobile pages for mobile devices that can use Adobe Flash to be able to hear the site live.
  • Added Categories to the Podcasts.
  • Added Paypal Donation links. (So donate lots and often.)
  • Twitter feed of anything mentioning TalkRadioOne.
  • Category RSS feeds (For individual Podcast Subscriptions) Located under List of Shows. Each show has its link to the individual RSS Feed for it.
  • Added RSS Widget to left column.
  • Permalink (Normal human readable addresses e.g.  or
  • Twitter widget that looped was a bit annoying. So I’ve changed it to just pull in the last 20 tweets that match “Talkradioone.” It will automatically pull in new tweet’s.
  • Combined How to Listen into the FAQ.
  • Removed ON THE AIR button and replaced with LISTEN LIVE. This will always be available and clickable. Testing of this button is planned for one week. (6/25/2011)  Going away as soon as it can and frame with the player will be back at the bottom of the screen. 🙁  (07/21/2011)
  • Added some color to the website. Different browsers will see different CSS effects as well.
  • Add information for the Cast & Characters.
  • Updated the Shows Information.
  • Updated Contact Us Page (7/12/2011)
  • Removed Amazon Search Widget, Poll Widget, Started to remove the Listen Live button and return the frames player, but site is acting weird.
  • Podcast RSS Feed (iTunes and other Podcast players.)
  • Changed how URL’s are being displayed. Now more friendlier URLs are part of the TRO Website. All old URLs should continue to work without issue. (02/29/2012)
  • Added new plugin to allow non-refresh when a new comment is added. (02/29/2012)
  • Speed up the site by setting up the web server to gzip the content from the TRO site. Added Widget to cache the pages as well. (04/2012)
  • Recreated the Show Page. (04/2012)
  • Reconfigured the sitemap.xml for google and other search engines. (04/2012)
  • Created new TRO Specials logo for the RSS feeds (04/2012)
  • Added more Ad spaces (04/2012)
  • Found the rouge code that was causing the SPAM RSS Injection. (04/2012)
  • Cleaned up user accounts. (04/2012)
  • Added TRO to TuneIn Radio (06/2013)
  • Setup CDN to host all static files for website (06/2013)
  • Disabled Comments (06/2017)

Currently working on:

New theme at some time.. wish to help contact Marc.

All constructive comments appreciated with milk and cookies.

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